Art and Design


In collaboration with Dominique Lanz we created massiv colored icecubes which were part of the setting for the shooting of the new couture collection 2019 – Suspended bodies that will never fall – by Rafael Kouto.



Rafael Kouto – Suspended bodies that will never fall / Couture collection 2019

Photography – Jean-Vincent Simonet

Model – Paul Mpoku (Time Model agency)

Hair and Make up – Lilith Amrad

Art direction – Mark Bryan Kenney

Setting – Dominique Lanz & Nils Widmer

Bags – Qwstion

Jewellery – Angela Wahr

RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_16 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_66 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_63 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_68 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_64 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_44 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_58 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_60 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_59 Kopie.jpg
RafaelKouto_Couturecollection_2019_26 Kopie.jpg
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Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-06 um 17.35.54.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-06 um 17.33.44.jpg
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